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Recommendation to have a radio-TV program to promote human rights culture

In its ordinary meeting held on 11 – 12 July 2003, the Advisory Council on Human Rights studied a temporary plan of action prepared by the working group in charge of the promotion of human rights culture, in light of the provisions of Dahir (Royal Decree) # 1.00.350, dated 10 April 2001, relative to the attributions of the Council in the promotion of human rights culture. The promotion of human rights culture is one of the strategic missions of the Council. None would argue that educational channels, especially after the Events of 16 May, can play a major role in raising awareness about the fundamental values of human rights. Therefore, the Council submitted a request to His Majesty the King, asking for permission to start a radio - TV program (3 minutes for knowledge), until the adoption of a national plan of action to promote human rights culture in cooperation with all governmental and non-governmental stakeholders.