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CNDH Regional Commission of the Casablanca-Settat Region holds its Sixth Regular Meeting

On Saturday 22 October 2022, at its headquarters in Casablanca, Morocco, the Regional Human Rights Commission of the Casablanca-Settat Region (CRDH) held its Sixth Regular Meeting in line with the requirements of Article 46 of Law 76-15 on the reorganization of the National Human Rights Council (CNDH) and Article 36 of its Rules of Procedure.

In her opening statement, Mrs. Saadia Waddah, CRDH President, indicated that this meeting is organized within the context of the new parliamentary session that is marked by great expectations and challenges, including social ones, and particularly those related to the health sector. In the same context, she shed light on the CNDH thematic report on the effectiveness of the right to health and the CRDH’s thematic report on the right to health addressing this issue regionally.

The CRDH President underlined that the CNDH is keeping pace with the legislative reforms in Morocco, particularly, the Family Code and the Criminal Code. The CNDH and its Regional Commission will contribute to the public debate on the expected reforms.

Mrs. Waddah also underscored the agenda of this meeting, including sharing the CRDH outcome during the period between the fifth and sixth regular meetings, discussing the CRDH draft action plan 2023, and presenting the report on business and human rights.

Coordinators of the three CRDH Standing Committees (Protection, Promotion and Effectiveness of Human Rights) presented, separately, the outcome of their actions since the beginning of this year.

As part of its missions related to preventing human rights violations and protecting human rights, the CNDH Regional Commission has received and handled several complaints, particularly submitted by prisoners, women and foreigners. It has also conducted 17 visits to several prisons in the region and ten trial observations.
Concerning its missions related to promoting human rights, the CRDH implemented the partnerships signed with the Regional Academy of Education and Training and with universities aiming to promote human rights culture.

The CRDH also approved the last report included in the 2022 annual plan related to the access to justice of women and girls victims of violence.