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Mr. Habib Belkouch

President of the Center for Human Rights and Democracy. Mr. Belkouch is human rights consultant for several national and international governmental and nongovernmental institutions. He has held various positions in this area. He was an expert consultant to the Minister of Human Rights (1998-2000), the director of the Documentation, Information and Training Center on Human Rights (2000-2005), migration program director at the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Network (2005-2006) and a national coordinator of the International Human Rights Cooperation projects. Mr. Belkouch contributed to drafting several reports, including a report on 50 years of human development in Morocco (2005), a report on children situation analysis in Morocco: 2005-2006 (UNICEF 2006), and studies, including “The National Legislation for the Protection of Foreign Minors in Morocco (the International Organization for Migration 2008), "Migration, Human Rights and Maghreb Context" (2007). He has also contributed to preparing national reports addressed to UN Human Rights committees, and supervised several training sessions in the areas of human rights and transitional justice, in Morocco and abroad. Mr. Belkouch is the coordinator of the UNESCO’s Arab Research-Policy Network on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. He is a member of the national board of the Moroccan Organization for Human Rights and a founding member of Amnesty International - Morocco. He takes part in several dynamic networks in the Maghreb and the Arab world. He authored several publications: A collection of international human rights conventions ratified by Morocco (2003-2004), Children Education and Intellectual Development (Fennec edition), Moroccan Youth Trends in the Twenties, etc.