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(Report) Unprecedented Confrontations at the Melilla Crossing: Preliminary (...)

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CNDH participates in the ANNHRI’s Conference and 19th General Assembly on (...)

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Advisory Coucil on Human Rights members

Mr. Mohamed Jaouhari

Born in 1946 in Imgharane (province of Ouarzazate).Mr. Jaouhari, lawyer since 1974, obtained a BA in literature from the Quaraouiyine University, Fez (1967) and then a BA in law from Mohamed V University, Rabat (1969).Mr. Jaouhari was a judge and a substitute public prosecutor in Beni Mellal...

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Mr. Mustapha Iznasni

Born on November 22nd, 1939 in Tétouan.Mr. Iznasni, holder of a diploma in social sciences from the University of Sofia (Bulgaria), was chief editor of “Al Kifah Al Watani” newspaper (from 1965 to 1967) then reporter at “Al Alam”, daily newspaper. From 1970 to 1971, he became sub-editor at the...

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Mr. Moustapha Ramid

Born in 1959 in the province of El Jadida.Mr. El Mostafa Ramid is a holder of a BA in law and a diploma of higher studies from Dar Hadith Hassania.He is member of the Secretariat General of the Party of Justice and Development (PJD). During the parliamentary term 2002-2007, he headed the PJD...

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Mr. Faiçal El Khatib

Born in 1939 in Tétouan.Mr. Faïçal Al Khatib, lawyer, is holder of a BA in law (1963).He was the President of the bar of Tangier from 1975 to 1977.Mr. Al Khatib has been a member of the Party of Istiqlal (Independence Party) since 1956 and a member of the National Council of this party since 1962...

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Mrs. Fetoum Koudama

Born on January 11, 1945 in Ksar Lakbir.Mrs. Fettoum Koudama is holder of a BA in sociology (1966) and a BA in law (1972), as well as a lawyer aptitude diploma in 1977.Mrs. Koudama was a Vice President of the Moroccan Organization for Human Rights (OMDH). She represented the OMDH at the Council...

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Mr. Reda Lemrini

Born on August 15th, 1948 in Marrakech.Mr. Reda Lemrini got a diploma of engineer (Ingénieur d’Etat) in information systems (Toulouse-1972), a BA in political sciences (Rabat-1979), a certificate (CES) in international relations and a diploma from the ISCAE (1981).Mr. Lemrini, President of the...

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Mr. Abdelhamid Akkar

Born on January 1st, 1946 in Chefchaouen.Mr. Akkar, President of the Union of Writers of Morocco (UEM) since February 2005, is a professor of modern literature at Mohammed V University, Rabat. He is also member of the Moroccan Higher Council for Education (CSE).Mr. Akkar, director and founding...

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Mr. Mohamed Berdouzi

Born in 1948.Mr. Mohamed Berdouzi, holder of a PhD (doctorat d’État) in public law and political sciences, is a university professor and consultant specialized in training, public policy and institutional development strategies.Mr. Berdouzi, member of the Association Morocco 2020, is a former...

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Mr. Mohamed Abdelhay Moudden

Born in 1953 in Moukrissat (province of Chefchaouen).Mr. Abdelhay Moudden is holder of a BA in law from the Rabat Faculty of Law, of a Master’s in political sciences from the University of West Florida (United States) and a PhD in political sciences from the University of Michigan (United States)...

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Mr. Mohamed Khadiri

Mr. Mohamed Khadiri is holder of a certificate of aviation techniques.As a founding member and president of the “Amicale marocaine des personnes handicapées”, organization of the handicapped, he has undertaken several actions for the promotion and the defence of the rights of this category.He...

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