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1st Sahara Press Award to promote Sahraoui-Hassani culture


The Regional Human Rights Commission of Laayoune-Smara and the Press Club in Laayoune awarded several journalists in an official ceremony on the 8th of March 2014 for their works on the Sahraoui-Hassani culture.

2 TV programs, one on the culture of the Baidan population and the other on the Sahraoui-Hassani music, a radio program on the Sahraoui-Hassani heritage and another on, and a press article on the virtues of camel meat (science vs. tradition) were awarded.

Special distinction was given to other programs and journalists and to the Agency for the development of the Southern Provinces for its efforts to promote the Sahraoui-Hassani heritage and culture.

CNDH Chairman and several national and local dignities attended this ceremony. Famous former Moroccan football internationals and many artists attended the ceremony as well.