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CRDH of Tangier-Tetouan-Al Hoceima Region holds its Seventh Regular Meeting

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Un pre-foro en Marruecos para preparar la 3ª edición del Foro mundial de (...)

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Al Hoceima: Meeting on promoting health situation in the light of the CNDH (...)

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Mr. Abdelmajid Makni, Chairperson of RHRC of Fez - Meknes

Born in 1960, in Rabat Mr. Makni holds a BA in Political Science (1988) at the Faculty of Law and Economics (Mohamed V University –Rabat). He has been the regional coordinator of the Social Development Agency in the Region Fez - Boulemane since 2007. Mr. Makni is a trainer in the areas of...

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Mr. Berdiji Taoufik, Chairperson of RHRC of Tantan - Guelmim

Born in 1970, in Tan-Tan Mr. Berdiji holds a diploma of higher advanced studies (DESA) in public law. He prepared a PhD in political science on the local elite of Laayoune (2010). He is a member of the Royal Advisory Council for Saharan Affairs and a civil-servant at the municipality of Lmarssa....

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Mr. Abdelkader Azrii, Chairperson of RHRC of Rabat - Kenitra

Born in 1955 in Safi Mr. Azrii is civil society, trade union and social activist. He was a member of the House of Councillors. He chaired the parliamentary group of the Democratic Confederation of Labor (CDT) and was vice-chairman of the Committee for Justice, Legislation and Human Rights. He was...

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Mr. Mustapha Laaraki

Mr. Mustapha Laaraki holds a BA in law, political science department (1980). He is has been journalist since 1984. He has been writing on human rights issues at the daily Al Ittihad Al Ichtiraki since 1986. He was the chief editor from 2005 to 2007. Mr. Laaraki is a founding member of the...

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Mr. Mohammed Derouiche

Born in 1960, in Rabat Mr. Derouiche Mohammed is a professor. He taught at Ibn Tufail University before joining the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, University of Mohammed V-Agdal. He worked as an expert for the Social Development Agency (2006 to 2009) and for the National Observatory for Children...

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Ms Hennou Allali

Ms Hennou Allali is a board member of the National Medical Association and a member of the Association of Rural Girls Education.

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Mr. Abdelhak El Azizi

Mr. Abdelhak El Azizi is a lawyer. He is a member of the Moroccan Bar Association and a board member of the Arab Lawyers Union.

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Abdeslam Moussaoui Chefchaouni

Born in 1953, in Fez, Mr. Abdeslam Chefchaouni a founding member of the Moroccan Forum for Truth and Justice and member of the Executive Board of the Forum. He is also a member of the Steering Committee of the Moroccan Coalition to abolish the death penalty. He is educational attaché at...

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Mr. Ahmed Berkia

Born in 1960, in Safi. Mr. Berkia is a trainer in training engineering, international human rights mechanisms, monitoring mechanisms, networking techniques and advocacy and disability rights. He is the head of the training of trainees section at the fight against illiteracy and non-formal...

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Mr. Habib Belkouch

President of the Center for Human Rights and Democracy. Mr. Belkouch is human rights consultant for several national and international governmental and nongovernmental institutions. He has held various positions in this area. He was an expert consultant to the Minister of Human Rights (1998-2000)...

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