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Moroccan Economic and Social Council: Tool for Social Peace

The setting-up of the Moroccan Economic and Social Council (CES) reflects the progress made towards the establishment of a "real" social dialogue and the promotion of social peace in Morocco, according to Mr. Ahmed Herzenni, President of the Advisory Council on Human Rights (CCDH).

Speaking at a symposium held on November 13, 2009 by the Forum des alternatives Maroc on economic and social challenges of respect for socio-economic, cultural and environmental rights, Herzenni stressed that the creation of this institution showed the progress made by Morocco on the road to democracy, adding that democracy did not need only strong institutions at the legislative and executive levels, but also required similar institutions at civil society level.

Mr. Herzenni expressed the hope to see the CES representing all segments of society, including those working in informal sectors, arguing that the existence of such an institution will solve social problems having faced Morocco recently.

Regarding the prerogatives of the CCDH and CES, he explained that there was no contradiction at this level, knowing that the CES role is to make recommendations on the distribution of national wealth and on public policy in this area.